2 Stupid Cats Give a Paw: Cat Shelters, Cats and Wonderful Humans That Work There

People who come out of their way and sacrifice their time, money, give love and care for those in need have always been a subject of admiration. We are moving through our lives at faster pace than ever and not much time is left to reflect upon our selves or others. Time has become precious commodity which only few learn to manage or appreciate. People are caught up in their routines, dwelling upon their own problems trying to manage one day after the other, trying to make a living. We barely manage to take care of ourselves and our families, so how can we make time for anything else?

This is the reasoning behind most excuses and why we don’t do much or anything at all. We deem ourselves powerless and imprisoned by our own lives which are slipping out of control. We are overwhelmed and maybe deep down even believe we just might be to week or to insignificant to make a change.

This is what makes individuals that help others so precious to us as society. They remind us we are not powerless, that every little effort matters. They remind us that if we want to change the world we must first change ourselves and for starters just be kind to our fellow humans and animals alike.


Cats are a big part of our daily lives and a big part of our culture. They are a part of our homes, our communities and we must take responsibility for them. Even though Cats are mostly self-sustained animals, they do get hurt, they over populate the cities, starve, get sick and need our help.

Volunteers that work at animal shelters are humans with big hearts who take care of them, pay from their own pockets for treatments, food and nurture them back to health. They make efforts in providing them the best care possible and give them their love until animals are safe and happy in their forever home.

Challenges that Cat/Animal Shelters and volunteers who work there meet are many – from vet bills, lack of space to lack of food and other essentials. Not to mention the emotional bond these good people make with each and every animal there and are heartbroken when some of them suffer or meet their sometimes inevitable end.

It’s been a while since our last post, but that is because Two Stupid Cats and their human minions have been busy. We have begun a “Give A Paw” project through which we are donating 20 % of our sales to Cat Shelters we cooperate with. System works in a way that customer enters the name of a shelter they want to support in “Message to seller ” at checkout and 20 % of their purchases will go to that shelter as donation. It is a world-wide project, no geographical discrimination:)  We are currently working with shelters from US and UK, so if you know a shelter that would need a donation and is  willing to cooperate you can point them in our direction and we will include them on our list.

If you wish to support one of our shelters and their kitties through purchase of some Cat themed products (or directly of course!)  you can find their names below.These people are really doing remarkable and admirable job and could use a Paw!

 Fat Cat Rescue  -“Because Every Cat Counts”from Lake County,IL,USA- check them out on FB

“Fat Cat Rescue, Inc. is an all volunteer based, nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the feral and stray cat population by partnering with trap-neuter-return programs and by finding homes for adoptable cats and kittens. Our focus is on cats, but we help any homeless, injured, or abused animal that we encounter.”

“When cats come to us they may be sick and skinny, but by the time we’ve loved them up they have become Fat Cats with healthy bodies, higher self esteem, greater trust in humans and a joy of living they haven’t experienced in a long time if ever. So when we call a cat “Fat” we mean healthy and happy in every way possible.”

Leeds Cat Rescue. Registered charity – 1170320 from Leeds, UK-check them out on FB

“The purpose of Leeds Cat Rescue formerly known as Leeds Animal Rescue are to rescue abused and mistreated cats and kittens, providing them with veterinary treatment when needed. We will will provide short or long term foster care.”

Catvando TNR from Maywood,IL,USA ‘Volunteers don’t have the time, they have the heart’ ~ Elizabeth Andrews -check them out on FB

“As an all volunteer 501c3, we work with individuals, communities and municipalities to help curb the number of cats born in the streets (and ultimately euthanized in shelters) while helping care for cats and their individual needs. We work toward harmony between the cats and their caretakers and the community. As a Cook County Sponsoring Agency, (Google: CC Management of Feral Cats Ordinance), we work with cat caretakers, cats, neighbors and municipalities to provide education, assistance, support and solutions. When possible and necessary, we remove kittens and abandoned pets to find loving, forever homes.”


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