Begining Of A Wonderful Friendship

Fred was a tiny, barely a month and a half old kitty when he was rescued from the streets after losing his mom and introduced to Karl, a green eyed, beautiful two year old male tabby.

Even though Karl was used to a life of leisure and enjoyed undivided love of his humans, he selflessly embraced small and scared Karl, and took him under his own. The way Fred repaid his love is just precious...

Fred was tiny, scared and alone when he first met Karl


Karl selflessly took him under his protection

Comforted him and assured him everything will be alright from now on..

And he tried his best to substitute motherly love and affection little Fred had lost too soon

As Fred grew, he never left Karl's side and treated him with all the love he deserved


And for being so kind, he deserved tons of love

Industrious duo is inseparable, from preying on lunch..

To chillaxing afterwards, which they enjoy the most

Teaching us that love you give always finds its way back to you!

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