How Fred And Karl Decided To Give A Paw..

Fred was a stray Kitty saved from the street and adopted by a wonderful and gentle tabby Karl. They now live a life of Cat luxury, surrounded by love of each other and by love of their humans. But they haven’t forgotten what it was like before they found their forever home-how Fred was skinny and hungry and scared and how there are many other Kitties who are not as fortunate as they are. This is why they decided to start a Give A Paw project in an attempt to give their contribution to shelters and wonderful and selfless people who work there. 

Life was kind to Fred and Karl, so kind even boredom creeps in every once in a while

Luckily, entertainment is always ready for the royalties if they choose so..

Although, he is not featherless afterwards…

After the play it’s time for some relaxation and bromance 

And a bit of reflection and contemplation..

Wishing all the Kitties in the world could be loved, safe and warm and hold paws like they do… 

and that's how they decided to Give A Paw

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