Our story

We had a dream..and the dream was of Cats...

Dear Human-welcome to Two Stupid Cats, a Cat Lovers dream come true.

The idea of Two Stupid Cats dawned on one Crazy Cat Lady madly in love with her two goofy cats on one autumn day in 2016.

"Why don't we open a store with like all cool cat stuff! I want to own everything Cat, surely there are other mental cases like me" she said to her husband in excitement. He raised his brow wondering has she gone completely insane, yet that crazy (in love) look in her eyes convinced him to follow through and thus Two Stupid Cats were born..

As it turns out Crazy Cat Ladies' idea wasn't the most original one- yet she believed that love and devotion she felt for those fury, whiskery, four-legged, purring and adorable creatures will be transcended through her store into one unique Catexperience for all Cat crazy people. 

With the help of The Husband, The Itty Kitteh and of course, her Two Stupid Cats supporting, inspiring and motivating her, she created an online Cat Haven bringing everything Cat to all wonderful and awesome people that want to be surrounded and reminded of Cats - everyday and everywhere they go.



Liberator of all things in the fridge, Fighter for Cat Rights to sleep on heads of their humans, eat of the table and warm their buts on laptops. Also a firm believer that water from the toilet is more fresh than tap water.  Passionate laser chaser and professional bird watcher. Within the team responsible for motivational purring, meowing and organizing breaks for his humans in which they are more then welcome to feed him so he doesn't have to do it himself. Again. From the fridge.


Devoted follower of Karl, always by his side and official patsy- often caught in flagrante during Fridge Liberating Operations organized by revolutionary mastermind Karl. After all this time still thinks that Humans shouldn't be trusted and that all their actions should be taken with a grain of salt even though he likes to take it with a grain of Cat treats if everyone is fine with it. Within the team responsible for comic relief and Humans workout when they are chasing him around the house. 


Went crazy during childhood and never quite recovered. Squeezing Cats since 1984. Living and working the dream. One of the creators and founders of Two Stupid Cats as well as Arts and Crafts Director. Cat Mom. Flower and book lover as well as an aspiring cook. 


Behind every Crazy Cat Lady there is guy loving the craziness. Main cheerleader in the Two Stupid Cats Project. Co-founder and creator of the Two Stupid Cats brand. Social Media and Technical Director. Seen so many Cat memes he's talking in Captions.


Itty Bitty Crazy Cat Person in making-also known as Nazgul. Responsible for training concentration and practicing zen of his parents while screaming away the afternoon. 

 Enough about us, now go and get yourself some Catty goodness..




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